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Current oil prices make you wrap up warmly.
Make a comparison.

Advantages of the heat pump as compared to oil heating

Oil heating systems burn a limited, non-renewable resource, whose extraction and transport moreover causes immense damage to the environment. These types of systems require extensive maintenance, and the development in the price of oil is unpredictable. Oil heating systems are definitely a technology of the past.

Oil heating

Heat pump


– Rising oil prices
– Oil tank required
– Boiler and tank maintenance
–Chimney sweeper required

+ Low maintenance
+ Independent of oil and gas
+ 75% free environmental energy

+ No chimney sweeper required
+ Eligible for subsidies


Finite resources
Dependency on other countries

+ Infinite environmental heat
+ Secure electricity supply

Environmental compatibility

Higher CO2 emissions
Environmental pollution through oil extraction and transport

+ No emissions on-site
+ Relieves the environment through CO2 reduction


Unpleasant odours
Dirt and soot
Burner inside the house

+ Odourless
+ No soot, dust, dirt
+ No burner


Fossil system

+ Innovative technology